Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Did The Listing Agent Direct Me Here To Submit An Offer?

On the surface, RIO Genesis is just another listing site. Once you click that LOGIN button, behind it is so much more. When you submit your offer, RIO is going to tie that information, any internal documents like e-mails or notes, and anything else related to the property together.

Doesn’t sound like much at first, but when all the information is in one place, auditing, communicating, finding important notes on the fly, and automatically creating customizable reports becomes a lot easier and a lot more meaningful! And we’re just getting started; open up "What is RIO Genesis" right below this section to find out more!

What Is RIO Genesis?

RIO Genesis is a start-to-finish business solution that benefits all facets and forms of the Real-Estate process, both on the Broker and the Agent’s part! We also work with Vendors, Asset Management Companies, and many more! Communication is a big, confusing, part of the Real-Estate game, but with our tools it’s a breeze:

Sending an e-mail about a property? RIO is going to put the name of the property as the subject!

Tired of digging through e-mails just to find one about a specific property? RIO will organize all of your e-mails for you, all you have to do is go to the property in RIO and it’s there!

Looking for a document you sent another agent, or maybe an offer? It’s right there, tied to the property!

We’re jumping ahead a bit, but the long and short of it is; RIO is going to make your life easier, your work faster, and everyone more profitable!

What Features Does RIO Genesis Offer?

Being Paperless is a big part of it, and with unlimited file storage included; why would you want to do it any differently? First of all, to save you the big headache of digging for an important document. Secondly, to save you a small fortune in rental fees on those storage facilities full of documents, right?

The biggest reasons to go paperless though is because it helps RIO create customizable reports to find meaningful connections with all your transactions, makes an all-encompassing paper trail for that dreadful auditing process, and builds a relationship with your clients when they come to you in the future! And when they see how organized you are, you can bet they will!

That’s just one feature, the icing on the cake if you will. We have tools for automatically assigning tasks when a property status is changed, tools for recruiting, and tools for creating flyers. We have  networking tools to get on the good side of other brokers, vendors, and for social networking. We even have and assignment generator! If you want to know that, go down to the “Still on the Fence” section and click on “What about Zip Codes?”  

Sounds Like A Lot, Will I Get Help?

We could just tell you yes, but isn’t everyone going to? We’ve got a better idea, let us prove it! Give us a call, get to know us!


Feeling a little shy? Just shoot us an e-mail and we’ll see where that takes us!

Submitting an Offer

Where do I Submit an Offer?

Scroll up a little bit, see where it says “>SEARCH”?  Hover your mouse over that, then move down and click “> Search Properties”. After that, just enter the info and hit the green “SEARCH PROPERTIES” button. You don’t even have to enter all of the info, we usually do it with just the street number, or street name, or zip code. You’re a busy person; don’t waste time typing all that extra jazz!

Once you hit the green button, properties will populate beneath it. Hit the green “Make An Offer” button, fill out the form, and hit the gray “SUBMIT THIS OFFER” button on the lower right. Done! - Pretty quick and easy right? Even better, the document is in the system, so you don’t have to worry about the Selling Agent losing it!

What Documents Are Required?

Well, once you’re at the property, and hit the green “Make An Offer” button, on the bottom of the form you’ll see a download for any required documents. It’s right above the gray “SUBMIT THIS OFFER” button. Fill them out and hit the gray “Choose File” button to attach it to your offer and you’re golden!

Where Do I Go To Revise A Document?

When you submit an offer, you’ll get an e-mail with a direct link to your offer in case you want to edit it, add to it, attach another document, or just keep tabs on it. Keep that e-mail close to your heart, maybe under your pillow when you sleep. Just kidding, just contact the selling agent and they can edit that information for you!

Do I Have To Log In?

Technically, no. You get a personalized link for submitting an offer, so there is no need to log in. But, if you want to run your business faster, better, and more profitably, then yeah, you want to create an account. That’s why you’re here and to be honest, the listing agent saw the benefit of RIO Genesis, and now so should you!

Other Common Questions

What is the Commitment?

We’re all a little afraid of commitment. Luckily with RIO, there isn’t one! Yep, not satisfied, you’re free to leave! Why would we do this? We’re just that confident you won’t want to leave!

How Many Documents and Properties Can I Upload? What is the cost for each?

The quick and easy answer, unlimited, and none! It’s two of the best parts of RIO.  You can utilize that data to create meaningful, customizable reports, have it on record for those nasty audits, and never have to dig for a document again. So, to sum it up: Documents and Properties are unlimited and free!

What about Zip Codes? How Many Can I Enter For Assignments?

Wow, RIO has Assignment generation too? We know, we think it’s exciting too! We call it the Genesis Portal, and it’s included with all of our accounts. Some programs charge you for zip codes, dumb right? Nope, ours is unlimited for that as well - enter as many zip codes as your heart desires, just don’t burn yourself out! Just teasing, but no worries, we won’t nickel and dime you on those magic 5-digit numbers!

Will My Agents Or Staff Have Full Access?

Yes and no, that’s really up to you. As the master user you can set a plethora of permissions for each person on the team. 170 of them to be exact. Yeah, 170. That’s a lot of customization! We’re still growing that number too, as we constantly add new features and improve our system. Don’t try to hide it, that’s pretty neat!

Sounds Good, I'm Ready to Sign Up!

What Version Or Modules Do I Need To Buy?

That’s a tough question to answer, after all - we’ve only just met. Every business is a little different, we’d like to get to know you first before we make a recommendation, call us! 1-855-746-2500!

How Do I Sign Up?

Just scroll up to the top of the page, it’s the green “SIGN UP” to the left of our phone number. Or you can just call that number and we’ll walk you through it. Hand too tired to scroll up? It’s 1-855-746-2500!

All Signed Up! Now What?

First off, congratulations! We’re excited to have you on board, and can’t wait until you’re thinking about us on your next vacation. Because, now you can have one with all the time RIO Genesis has saved you.

Well, back to business, once you’re logged in you’ll see a bunch of icons. Click on the one named “Support Videos” in the far right of the top level navigation and we’ve got all kinds of goodies for you; Videos, Links, and you guessed it, another FAQ section! 


Whoa, whoa, it’s okay, take a deep breath. Then, get in touch with our support team! Fill out a contact form at the bottom of, click the “LIVE HELP ONLINE” box once you’re logged in, e-mail us at, or just call us at 1-855-746-2500 and remember - it’ll be okay!