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Understanding the complex nature of institutional businesses has helped us to create the most robust business platform in the industry. By providing optimized and powerful solutions for our clients, RIO Genesis is streamlining business practices making our clients more efficient and profitable.

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Asset Management

RIO Genesis provides an array of optimum transaction management options, and workflow processes, that are customizable and easily changeable on the fly. From Servicers, Subservicers, Hedge Funds, Outsourcers, Housing Authorities, and other clients RIO Genesis is the only platform that can manage multiple workflow processes as needed.

  • Assists in Agent, contractor, and 4th party vendor management compliance
  • Automates tasks and permissions as desired
  • Quickly bulk upload properties
  • Email communication center works with all email types and archives all communications on each assets
  • Online offer submission – Accept, reject or counter submitted offers with 1 click
  • Electronic signatures – E-signed documents auto load into RIO
  • Comprehensive document storage – Vault property files for up to 1, 3, or 7 years
  • Extensive HOA information database


Private Equity Management

RIO Genesis has everything a hedge fund will need, The Genesis portal will directly import tapes and files in minutes. Analyze and bid on a portfolio more easily with customizable implementation.

  • Assign Agents or vendors directly through the platform
  • Order 1-1000 bpo’s with a click of a button
  • Customizable tasks can be created for each vendor as needed
  • Email communication center allows all communication between vendors and internal employees to be archived through the lifecycle of each asset or portfolio


Bidding Platform

RIO Genesis has introduced an exciting concept for NPL Sales. The ability to manage the sale of real estate secured notes with the speed of a bulk sale but with higher returns of one-off pricing! We have created a full analytical and trading platform that provides both buyers and sellers of non-performing notes with the unique tools that they each require in a secure forum for exchange.

  • Quick search for NPL’s available by region or zip
  • Online offer submission – Submit, accept, reject or counter submitted offers with 1 click
  • Add as many photos or as much documentation as you wish pertaining to the notes



Obtain instant access to thousands of listings directly from RIO Genesis listing agents. Unlimited volume targeted by market, property type, value, and/or description. Complete access to all property information and analytics.

  • Ease of ability for agents to escalate assets for viewing on the platform
  • Quick online bidding through RIO
  • Communication with agents can easily be facilitated through the RIO communication center
  • See real time information pertaining to each asset


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