About Us

About RIO Genesis

RIO Genesis software uses data and technology to create a competitive advantage and optimize your business performance. RIO Genesis is a centralized web-based transaction management platform. It is an intersection of people, knowledge, and tools with processes that allow you to outperform your competitors and deliver results.

Application of RIO Genesis

The developers of RIO Genesis are all like-minded real estate professionals who think and act as business partners. We approach your business as if it were our own and align our shared objectives to create RIO Genesis. Our focus is to assist all real estate professionals to deliver accelerated outcomes to their clients. We work closely with other real estate professionals to turn their recommendations into action. We promise to continue to heighten and improve upon our ever changing industry with you in mind!

We are on a results driven mission, not just to you, our clients; but to ourselves as well. We are staying focused on what we do best. We are obsessed with producing results that matter for all of us! We are helping you create results which impact your business each day; results which will differentiate you from another local player! You can be part of our results. We care as much about your business and its’ success as you do!

Users of RIO Genesis

RIO Genesis transcends all layers of our industry, for all types of clients: Asset Management Firms and Outsourcers, National Servicers, Title/Escrow companies, Leading Private Equity Firms / Hedge funds, Real Estate Brokerage Offices, Individual Agents, and those with teams, Contractors, and other support providers, even Small Start-Ups.

But what unifies our clients is that they all tend to be bold, ambitious business leaders in the real estate industry. They think and act like true business owners. They are not satisfied with the status quo. They want measurable results.